Tax Season is Here

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Tax Season is Here

There are many new tax laws and regulations that impact 2018, but for now, it’s time to concentrate on filing taxes for the year just past. Your tax returns will be due Tuesday, April 17, and the best time to start gathering your information is now.
All of the old tax rules and deductions apply, so put together your records for proof of health insurance, any unreimbursed travel expenses, as well as wages, expenses and W-2 forms.
After your gathering and organizing, you’ll want to talk over any possible deductions that you may have overlooked with your tax professional. If you have any questions, or need a tax professional, we’d be happy to help! Contact our office for an appointment and we’ll send you our handy tax organizer, which helps jog your memory about taxable and deductible events in 2017, and sort your records for ease of use. It helps us help you to have the most accurate tax bill possible. And that give you peace of mind.

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