How do I correct errors from an EFT or ATM transaction?

First, call your bank as soon as you find the error. You have up to 60 days from the erroneous transaction, but the sooner you notify them, the better. You may be required to submit your account information and any information you have proving the error in writing. They have 10 business days to investigate your claim, and if they fail to come up with a solution, your funds should be reimbursed. In some cases, such as if the funds in question were withdrawn from a POS debit or a foreign EFT, the bank may be allowed more time to investigate, but in the meantime, you should have full access to the disputed funds.

Your bank will notify you as soon as they have resolved the issue, or if they’ve found they cannot resolve it. If you were correct about the error, they must immediately re-credit your account if they haven’t already done so. If they find there was not an error, they must document their findings in writing, and notify you of any funds they have deducted from when they had re-credited your account during the investigation.

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